About Us

We love to form concrete that lasts and looks good. Our beautiful concrete and organized, flexible service make us rock-solid reliable.

Our concrete is crafted, true to form. While concrete guys are typically known to be messy, disorganized and indifferent to quality, Calibre brings precision and care to the job site. With foundational work like concrete forming, accuracy at the start means the rest of the project can go smoothly. Messy, out-of-line concrete simply starts the problems rolling.

Calibre Concrete paves the way for a hassle-free experience. And a smoother project means a more profitable project. Through consistently reliable concrete forms, expert project management and even insightful troubleshooting, we deliver value of the highest calibre. Precise, beautiful concrete today and no headaches tomorrow.

Our Guarantee

We have a firm policy to immediately address any issues that arise out of our concrete forms or our workmanship. Our presence on site will always end with your satisfaction. If a problem should occur, we will work to correct it to your satisfaction and to make sure your concrete forms are exactly to specifications, 100% effective and safe.

We are happy to provide a warranty letter, where required in commercial and industrial uses, assuring a guarantee of one year after substantial completion.

For residential concrete use, we will at least meet the sections of the Tarion Home Warranty directly related to our work performed.

Our team

  • John Pennings

    Director, Operations Manager

  • Trevor Pennings

    Director, Project Manager

  • .

  • .

  • Jason Mans

    Estimator, Detailer

  • Shannon Pennings

    Office Administrator

  • Dave VanLaren

    Boom Truck Operator

  • Tyler DeGraaf


  • Andrew Joldersma


  • Josh Pennings


  • Wes Pennings


  • Kris Prsa

    Skilled Labourer

  • Joseph Veldman

    Lead Hand

  • Alex Court-Maclaren

    Skilled Labourer

  • Steve Hommersen

    Skilled Labourer

  • Jesse McMartin

    Skilled Labourer

  • Ryan Pennings

    Skilled Labourer

  • Cole VanLaren

    Skilled Labourer

  • Johnmark Veldman

    Skilled Labourer

  • Jordan Pennings

    Junior Labourer

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Service Area

Servicing Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Hamilton, Brant and surrounding areas.

Our History

John Pennings has a long history with concrete, having worked in the business throughout Southern Ontario since the 1970s. In 1997, he founded John’s Concrete Forming (JCF) in Rockton, Ontario. From the start, JCF earned a solid reputation for thorough, precise concrete forming.

Today, we operate as Calibre Concrete – a name launched in 2014 to better represent the type of service and product we offer. We are now a team of over 15 people, with all key equipment on site and ready access to structural and soil engineers where needed. We are equipped for projects large and small, standard issue and out-of-the-box.

We have the same mission today as we always have: to not only produce perfectly crafted concrete, but to function as a valuable partner in larger industrial, commercial and residential projects.

Bio: John Pennings - John founded Calibre Concrete in 1997, which was then known as John’s Concrete Forming (JCF). His experience in the concrete industry goes back to 1976, working with his brother at Hans Pennings Construction throughout Southern Ontario. He later formed a partnership with Hans in 1986 and continued there until Calibre's inception. He has always loved working with concrete and has strived to develop its wider use and applications. John enjoys travelling with his wife of 32 years and spending time with family and friends. They have a wonderful family of nine children and twenty six grandchildren.

Bio: Trevor Pennings - Trevor began working with Calibre (then John’s Concrete Forming) as a summer labourer/foreman in early high school. When he completed the Civil Engineering program at Mohawk College in 2009, he started working full time at Calibre in sales and operations. Trevor lives in Jerseyville with his wife and five children. He is a single malt enthusiast and enjoys playing golf and a little pick-up hockey from time to time.


What our customers are saying…

  • The guys did fantastic work and I'm very happy with the end result. I absolutely will recommend your services to anyone that will listen!

    Ted G


  • Your knowledge, expertise and suggestions were appreciated and your crew’s work was excellent. It was a pleasure to work with you!

    Rob F


  • I would like to express the gratitude of Habitat Waterloo – and my personal thanks – for your generosity. You are a genuine community leader.

    Ken F

    Habitat for Humanity, Waterloo

  • We really enjoy working close with your company. I want to keep this relationship up for years to come. Thanks for all the great work Calibre does to help. I love dealing with you guys.

    Shawn B


  • I was impressed by the high level of professionalism shown by all levels of their staff, from the owner himself to the labourers performing the installation...they paid close attention to detail. All along the way, they were constantly providing advice and easily accommodated my requests. I have no problem in recommending them, and would use JCF [Calibre Concrete] again in heartbeat!!!! Well done!!

    John G


  • Thank you for the great work completed on our project. I love dealing with your company.

    Mike W


  • Thank you for your help with our sunroom project. Our room is nearly complete and looks fabulous! A great room needs a great foundation and we are very happy with ours.

    Mike & Angela